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ClearSkin Acne Treatment Program


                                   Treatment For Acneic and Problem Skin

It's time for REAL SOLUTIONS
Tried Proactiv and still breaking out? Considered going on Accutane, but afraid of side effects ? Want Clear Skin?

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Professional Skin Analysis & Consultation
Find out what skin type you are, what conditions your skin has and/or what type of acne you have. Get recommendations about how to have healthy and clear skin. - 45 minutes, $25

Acne Treatment Plan

As you go through your process of achieving clear skin on your face and/or body, we will want to see you for treatments every two weeks. The reason for getting treatments is four-fold:
A: For resurfacing the skin so that home-care product can penetrate the pore more easily.

B. Keeping the skin hydrated so that the skin is receptive to your home-care regimen. The products also tend to dry out the skin somewhat as you are getting used to them.

C. Cleaning out and extracting existing acne lesions.

D. For killing bacteria inside the pore to prevent new lesions

Each acne treatment is customized for what the skin needs at the time of treatment. Sometimes the skin will need more moisture,
other times it will need an anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory treatment.

Your licensed acne specialist will analyze your skin at every appointment to assess which peel or treatment will work best for you. Acne treatments are scheduled for every two weeks until your skin clears up. Usually that takes anywhere from 6 to 12 week on average.

Each acne treatment is $60

It typically takes about six to nine treatments over a three-month period of time to get you mostly to clear.

Once your skin is clear, you must continue using your ClearSkin products to keep your acne under control.
Many of our clients come back every few months to maintain their new clear complexion
"I have struggled with acne for a good 10 years and I have tried everything possible from Retin A to Proactive to Accutane and nothing worked.


I actually had 2 different dermatologists tell me "I don't know what else to do for you", so they wiped their hands free of me. They were just as frustrated as I was !
My friend is a client of Mary Turner's and said why don't you try Mary Turner's ClearSkin Acne Treatments ?

I figured I tried everything else, I'll give it a shot. I have had only 3 treatments and I cannot believe the difference already ! I actually like to look in the mirror at my face ! The treatments are inexpensive and the staff accomodates my schedule.

Mary has educated me about my acne and has been very helpful to me. If you struggle with acne, please give this a try, what do you have to lose ? It will be the best thing to happen to you - it has been for me !

Rachel Hogue, Actual Client after 90 Days of ClearSkin


Michael Angiolelli
Mar 5, 2018
I am thankful beyond words for Mary’s clear skin program! In just a few months she had fixed my deep scaring and blemishes to bear perfect skin and I’m not done yet. Because of Mary I am going to have beautiful skin. As someone who struggled with acne for years I am blessed to have found Mary’s program. As someone who has gone the dermatology rounds and spent thousands of dollars, my biggest regret is to not have found Mary sooner. For anyone in the New Castle and surrounding areas, take it from me, go to Mary’s clear skin treatment center right in town. You won’t regret it.

If you are a licensed esthetician and want more information about starting your own successful acne business, please contact us at clearskinprivatelabel@gmail.com

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