PAINLESS Laser Hair Removal and Treatments

Motus AY & AX - Most Comfortable Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal from High Tech Medical on Vimeo.

Every skin and hair color can now be treated with the PAIN FREE Motus AX Alexandrite Laser.

Faster, pain free results in only 4-6 treatments!

The most efficacious wavelength for hair removal has historically been the Alexandrite wavelength. However, the risk it poses to darker skin types has kept this laser hair removal technology from being the universal choice. The Motus AX by DEKA is the first, high-speed Alexandrite laser that makes it possible for light AND dark skin tones to benefit from the effectiveness of this laser wavelength.

With its innovative contact cooling system, the Motus AX technological breakthrough delivers a fast, uniform, and, most importantly, painless hair removal experience for patients. In addition, repeated passages and low power pulses help to prevent any side effects and safety concerns. Given the power of the wavelength, individuals could see desired long-term results in fewer sessions.

The Motus AY shares the same innovative laser delivery system as the Motus AX. The difference is that this professional laser hair removal machine has a Nd:YAG hand piece.  The AY also features the same Moveo technology as the AX to reduce treatment time and eliminate side effects.

Now available from Mary Turner, certified laser technician, the Cartessa Motus AX pain free laser hair removal. 

Valid Treatment Areas for Laser Permanent Hair Reduction


Effective and Gentle for Smooth Skin

Extra Small Areas $295 for Four Sessions or $99 a Session


Small Areas $395 for Four Sessions or $125 a session
Toes or Fingers
Lip and Chin
Breast (areola)

Medium Areas $495 for Four Sessions or $149 a session

Beard (Jaw line to cheek bone)
Neck (Front or Back)
Bikini (Area outside the underwear line)
Feet or Hands


Large Areas $595 for Four Sessions or $195 per Session
Half Arms
Upper Chest, Buttocks, Stomach, Full Face including Throat, Upper or Lower Back


Large Plus Areas $795 for Four Sessions or $225 per session

Lower Legs or Upper Legs (Thighs) or Full Arms

Full Back or Full Chest including Stomach


Extra Large Areas $1495 for Four Sessions or $420 per Session and up. 

Full Legs


ACNE TREATMENTS $195 Per Session - Recommended 4-6 Sessions

BROKEN CAPILLARIES, SKIN TAG, AGE SPOT OR ROSACEA TREATMENTS $75 and up  - Usually determined by time.  For more info CLICK HERE

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